abPhoto 3.6.2000

A program to auto-archive your pictures from Android to PC
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Acer Incorporated

abPhoto is a program by Acer that is designed to automatically save pictures taken with a smartphone or tablet on your PC. Also developers claim that pictures will be sent via Wi-Fi or a mobile network to your other cross-platform devices registered in your Acer profile. And, as you might have guessed already, to have the task performed you will need to install abPhoto on all the devices where you want to synchronize your pics. And, of course, you need to create an Acer account.

Unfortunately, the program falls out of expectations. I've successfully installed the program on my PC. But, when it came to Android devices, abPhoto was installed only on one of three gadgets tested. Both of my smartphones have drawn away, and my tablet has won. However, my happiness did not last long.

The pictures from the tablet were successfully exported to my PC. But, as soon as I have activated the "auto-save" option on the tablet, the application stopped working and displayed the message box "Does not respond". And further attempts to open the app gave the same results. Therefore, I could not test other possibilities of abPhoto.

To conclude, the application, unfortunately, has not fulfilled its primary task for me.

Andrew Do
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  • A fruitful idea behind
  • It does work on Windows


  • Successful installation only on one of three Android devices tested
  • Stopped working on Android after activating the 'auto-save' option
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