abPhoto 3.8

A tool created to upload, download and share photographs
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3.8.2003 (See all)
Acer Incorporated

abPhoto is a client application that allows uploading, downloading and sharing photographs on Acer BYOC, a cloud storage service. Of course, in order to take advantage of all the potential this tool has to offer, you need an Internet connection and the corresponding account to access the service. The application has a nice modern design. Its tabbed interface allows going straight to the desired feature.

As a first step, you can import individual files or whole folders. As you add new photos, they are automatically uploaded to the cloud. Then, it’s possible to organize the pictures in albums. Luckily, it’s very easy to browse through the contents of an album, and it’s even possible to view them as a slideshow.

All in all, abPhoto has the advantage of synchronizing photographs among various devices, independently of their operating system. Since there are versions for other devices, you can, for instance, take a picture, upload it to the Cloud, and then view it on your PC. And not only that, you can easily share them with other users of the service or access those shared by them. Compared with other similar tools, it has the limitation of not allowing any kind of editing and modification to the pictures.

Pedro Castro
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  • It works on various operating systems
  • It allows sharing with other users


  • It doesn’t have any editing feature
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